Yes, Lord Jesus! (Matthew 16:21-28)

Pastor Aaron Ude, September 3, 2017
Part of the Sunday Sermons series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

When I had the families here for the Black Hills Bible Camp, I gave them some instructions for dealing with rattlesnakes. Now I have no experience dealing with rattlesnakes. I have yet to see one in the wild but I shared with them what the people at Reptile Gardens share with visitors. First, that it is pretty unlikely to get bitten. There are only a couple of incidences here in Rapid each year. Of those that do happen, it is usually because the people, usually young males, have found one and are playing with it. They know this to be the case because the bites are on their hands or face. If a rattle snake bites you unawares, it will get you in the foot or the leg not the face or hands. They also point out there at Reptile Gardens that it is misconception that rattlers always rattle before striking. As they point out, what animal do you know that takes orders from its butt? So what is the point? Watch out for rattlers! You won’t always get a rattle warning and if you come across one, don’t play with it. Locate the danger and slowly back away.
It is not just about rattlesnakes that men have misconceptions. They have them about something far more dangerous. Somehow they think that Satan will always announce himself in a horned red suit and rattling pitchfork where as Peter found out very clearly in our text, Satan often appears as angels of light. Even worse, Satan often works through us.
Peter loved Jesus. Peter cared for Jesus. Peter was acting in love for Jesus. But that is exactly what made this temptation so deceptive. Peter didn’t have fangs and a pitchfork and horns protruding from his head. Peter had the best intentions for Jesus and Jesus’ kingdom. But as the saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Peter thought Jesus dying would mean the end of Israel’s hopes of salvation. He thought it would bring an end to all that Jesus was working for. Of course, Peter was dead wrong. Jesus’ death would bring about all that Jesus was working for, which Jesus was trying to point out to Peter, but because of Peter’s ignorance and weakness and clinging to worldly concepts, Peter becomes an instrument of Satan. (the rest of the sermon is freely available as pdf on the sermon page. Just click on the title above. The video is available on our you-tube page which you can access via the link on the right hand side of this page)

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